Love is a bitch!

It's kinda funny when "he" attacks. In the middle of the night. Which night? Well, "he" would never let you know that previously, right? "He" just attacks... "he" just hits you as hard as "he" can, and then you'll might fall... Correction, you may fall...

"He" makes you miss, "he" makes you smile, "he" makes you remember, "he" makes you wish. And then you think: "what an inappropriate time for "him" to come! I know what to do! I'll keep it until the morning, and then I'll do something about it!"

But you know... In the morning "he" is gone already. "He" has no time to come and no time to go. It's not really up to you! "He" does whatever "he" wants! And you'll never know "his" secrets. You just live and wait. Wait until "he" hits you again... And then you feel so good. It's like drugs in your body, eating your brains... Killing you softly. From inside out, you know? And you just wish you could live every day, to die every day like that, forever and always.

And I don't even know why I'm calling it a "he"... Cause actually... Love is a bitch! "She" is a total bitch!

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